Today, I’m on a journey to the past…

Pani Puri!

My eyes glistened as I saw the dish listed under the appetizers at Tandoori Nights in Bethesda Row.  My roomie and I … well, let’s just say our original plan was to study… which then led to buying a groupon… which then let to us looking at the menu. This isn’t really a review of the restaurant (I can yelp that 😛 )… this is more just an ode to my lovely pani puris!

Pani is the hindi word for water. And puri’s are a deep-fried sort of bread. In this case, they’re tiny (perfect snack size!), round and punched through the top.  Tandoori Night had chickpeas, potatoes and tamarind chutney in them.  The spiced water was tasty … but a little too thick. I prefer a lighter consistency. However, it brought back such good memories…. My only complaint is … WHY NOT FEED ME 10 of THESE? Or 20?! I only got 3 😦 Sad 😦



When I was in Udaipur, I never got a chance to take a picture of it… because … ain’t nobody got time for dat!

You best be taking the puri from the street vendor and stuffing them in your mouth as quickly as you can. So so so good! One of my favorite foods! And it’s late, so I should sleep. I’ll leave you with a picture that brings traditional food a little Western flair. The second time I had gone back to Udaipur (end of May to beginning of July 2011), I had caught the grand opening of Udaipuri, a vegetarian kitchen that serves Indian and International cuisine. I remember eating falafels and Thai curry!  Since this was a classier place, I had to control myself… And so I managed a picture before I took a shot (non-alcoholic). hehe. But anyways, enjoy the picture! I can almost taste the spicy water in my mouth. Good night!

Pani Puri Shots (Udaipuri, Udaipur, India)

Pani Puri Shots (Udaipuri, Udaipur, India)

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