Runnin’ ‘Round Town

My cousin Gail arrived on Tuesday, and we have been exploring Budapest. Wednesday, on our first full day together, we saw the Opera House, Basilica, Vaci utca, Déak ter, and that general area. It was my first time up close to the Basilica, and it is beautiful! Unfortunately, the lift was broken, so I couldn’t go in. We were out during the hottest part of the day, and by the time we got back, the heat had sapped our energy. Having learned our lesson, we started out in the late afternoon yesterday (oh yeah, also because I forgot to charge my wheelchair batteries overnight. tsk tsk), and ventured to Keleti train station to buy tickets, Heroes’ Square, the City Park, and the Szechenyi baths.

“Photos or it didn’t happen!” you say … well, luckily for me, Gail is a great photographer, so I will wait for her to upload her pictures. Here are just a few:

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Some other interesting sights along the way:
– a Chinese hot pot restaurant
– part of the Berlin Wall on Andrassy utca
– guys doing bike tricks on Heroes’ Square

The more I see of Budapest when visitors come, even though it’s often the same sites, the more I grow to appreciate its charm and beauty. More soon!

You don’t change the city
The city changes you

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11 thoughts on “Runnin’ ‘Round Town

  1. You casually snuck that in there. OH MAI GODDESSSSSSS CHINESE HOT POT RESTAURANT?!?!?!??!?!?! That is definitely going on our travel itinerary when I’m there 😛

    Pretty picture, pretty song/pretty quoted lyrics. Pretty everything. Enjoy EUROPE. ❤ Has the city changed you?!

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