Today, I am stopping by.

Hi all! Sorry for all the MIA-ness. Between traveling and driving my sister to and fro, I have not had much time to stop, rest, and think for a moment. I haven’t even done my Portuguese lessons lately!

There’ll be some more absence on my part because I will start be working again on Monday and then off to New Orleans on Thursday!

Other than that, I’ll be more seriously relearning…everything…to take the GRE in August and then start working on my applications. Perhaps I’ll be here seeking inspiration when I get stuck and don’t know how to convey my life in words.

Oh, also the Confederation’s Cup begins today! It’s a tournament where all the champions from the different continental championships come together and play for top bragging rights. So, for example Spain won Euro 2012 so they will be there. Uruguay won South America’s cup, Japan/Asia, Nigeria, Tahiti…and BRAZIL because they’re hosting! SO PUMPED for today’s Brazil v Japan match.

I told my mom that I didn’t know whether to watch this afternoon’s match on the Spanish language channel (more fun) or the English Channel (more comprendo) and she said it didn’t matter because football is its own language. I’ve taught her well. And I hope I’m teaching y’all something too! I need more fans in my life!

Ok, bye bye for now!

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2 thoughts on “Today, I am stopping by.

  1. OMGoodness! YAY! for GRE & Applications & Work and all this other stuff in your busy life! ❤
    But yes to Charkie's sentiments. Don't forget about us!

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