Today, I’m wondering about love but it’s time to travel!! (Birchbox June 2013)

I’m feeling a bit sick, physically and emotionally. Stomach bug? Eh. Maybe I shouldn’t have had those late night mozarella sticks.

All throughout my Disney years and my Asian drama (Princess Pearl? Remember?) years, I always imagined that love would be an easy thing. You find someone out in the crowd and then the love happens. 天长地久 (tian chang di jiu, sky long earth long), enduring as the universe. It’s funny because just like Hebe’s (from S.H.E) song LOVE!, seems like things are presented more like –

我爱你 你爱她
I love you. You love her.
她爱她 她爱他
She loves her. She loves him.
你爱我 我爱他
You love me. I love him.
他爱他 他爱她
He loves him. He loves her.

And some people are lucky enough for that line to end at the first line. Others experience 4, 5, 6 lines of this song. And I’m sure other things get in the way… called Life. hahaha. So anyways, tis what happens I suppose. Just embrace it. One day things will bump around… and a word will change and that song above will need only one line.

Coping mechanism: TRAVEL! I’m so jealous of all the traveling I see on friends’ blogs/facebook pages/snapchats (yes I use snapchat, I should start looking into VINE haha)… I cannot wait to go back into the air (or on water in a boat) and go somewhere new. But for now, I’ll have to just work with what I’ve got. Home. And DC.

My Birchbox (Wanderlust) came two days ago. I’m also expecting my Love with Food box today (that review should be up shortly). I loved this month’s Birchbox!!!! It’s one of the best ones I’ve received in a while! So excited.

photo 1 (16)

New Design! What do you think of it?

photo 2 (17)

Time for travels! ❤

photo 3 (16)

Love that it came with 5 postcards! And love the birchbox gift boxes they send out each time 🙂

This month’s theme is wanderlust, and they’ve filled the boxes with samples that should be (and are) perfect for all of our summer adventures! Though, sadly, I won’t be doing any traveling…

photo 5 (13)

  • Birchbox + Color Club Wanderlust Collection (1 mini polish: $2.00/ full size: $8.00)- The collection comes with four neon pastel shades that are inspired by four cities. The one I received is London Calling represented by a light green shade. “Two coats will give you an opaque glossy finish. ” I don’t normally paint my nails, so hopefully this will end up in a giveaway coming soon!
  • suki Exfoliate Foaming Cleanser (0.25 fl oz: $2.05/Full size: $32.90) – I also received this deluxe (larger) sample in my NewBeauty box and was so EXCITED to see another sample in my box. It’s got a very citrusy (lemony) scent that wakes me up right away! The beads when rubbed immediately turn into foam… so awesome! My face always feels amazing after using this cleanser!
  • LAQA & CO. Lil’ Lip Duo (.07 pencil: $8.00/ full size duo: $8.00)- These pencils are creamy and have a minky kick. I love the finish of it (definitely a good professional look since it’s not too glossy). I used just one coat of it to get a nice color.

photo 4 (16)

  • Davines Love Smoothing Shampoo  (2.5 oz: $7.50 / full size 8 oz: $24.00)  – I always need travel-sized shampoo so this was nice. This shampoo has a light scent (probably from the Indian fig extract and olive oil). This is apparently for dry and fizzy hair which is exactly what I need! I don’t know if Birchbox listened to our profiles finally but this is perfect!
    **I love the sample bottle it came it. It has a twist-off cap, which is perfect for refilling with shampoo! I will definitely add this to my travel-size container collection 🙂Beauty Extras
  • Davines Love Smoothing Conditioner (0.41 oz: $1.40 / full size 8 oz: $27.50)- Formulated with nourishing borage seed oil. Conditioner is so necessary.
  • Davines OI/OIL Absolute Beautifying Potion (0.10 oz: $0.50 / full size 8 oz: $40.00) – I love experimenting with hair oils just because I have such dry and damaged hair.

I loved this month’s box (value came to $21.45). The only thing I wish could have happened differently? Maybe I could have received deluxe samples of the conditioner and/or hair oil instead of the shampoo. But that’s a small thing. And I can’t complain. Excited to try out all the products. What did you get this month?

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23 thoughts on “Today, I’m wondering about love but it’s time to travel!! (Birchbox June 2013)

  1. Ich liebe dich!
    What on Earth is VINE? i need to get with the times …
    How appropriate this month’s birchbox theme was for you!! – travel + a german word 🙂

  2. How funny that the box is wanderlust and you have that! Take me with you wherever you go! I’d like to travel too (read: i’m going crazy over here!) 🙂

    Ditto the other -arkies with the mushy love and stuff. Big imaginary hugs until the next time I see you ❤

  3. Ooh love the format/style of this blog! The photos are simple, clean, and lovely. It’s funny that you mention Princess Pearl, that’s one of my favorite dramas and one of my firsts.

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