Today, follow me!

If yesterday was about a new, familiar place, then today, I’m showing you some old, familiar places that I encountered as I went around the neighborhood today taking care of errands. Better late than never! Here are some of the places I frequent … infrequently. How many Annas can you spot?!

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2 thoughts on “Today, follow me!

  1. I spotted 2 Annas 😉 Lemon is my favorite also! Though coconut sounds quite tempting…

    I’ve always wondered about that langos stand near the subway! Might have to try it next semester.

    Skjalg had Dr. Totpál for his anatomy semi-final and during his exam he got a long history lesson about the anatomy building. Apparently it is one of four buildings in Budapest designed by Eiffel! It was built 110 years ago after the dean of the anatomy department decided that they needed a bigger building. He approached the prime minister but was turned down and told that there wasn’t enough money. So, he went to the king – who then agreed. The only condition was that it couldn’t be built in the city. So it was built in the country-side – in a sort of desert – with the only other bulding being the firestation down the street. That is why the road is called Tűzoltó utca, or Fireman’s street.

  2. *ding ding!* you win…a langos!!?!
    What an interesting history, thanks for recounting it! I’d heard that the anatomy building was a historic site, but not that it had such a special past.

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