Today, I am One and DONE.

Well, Year One is a wrap, and I am so relieved and glad to be finished!
It was not as successful an exam period as I would’ve liked, but I don’t think I had it in me to prolong the studies much longer. Next year, I will plan to stretch it out  (life is a marathon, no point to tire out quickly); I have time to warm myself up to the idea of not finishing until the end of June, rather than the end of May, as I’ve been used to for the past few years.

Not exactly, but one can dream, right?

Not exactly, but one can dream, right?

– Wednesday was the Biochem exam, for which I was more stressed than all the other exams this year combined! I felt terrible, which is why I adopted my ‘no stress’ policy in the first place. Reminder not to deviate from that.

– Afterwards, a group of us went to an Italian restaurant for lunch. It was recommended to us by an Italian student among us, who said that it had one of the few acceptably authentic pizzas in town. The waiter asked us where we were from, and the answer was “everywhere: Canada, Norway, Sweden, Germany, Japan, USA, Italy, Spain …” — I love that about the school.

– Jarkie and others have gotten me into the relaxing rituals of face masks!! I have to admit that I am not convinced of their results yet, but I’m willing to give them more time to have an effect. If nothing else, I enjoy taking the time for pampering 🙂

– My last exam today was Communications, which was a pain to study for because I only had 1.5 days to prepare, during most of which I was still in recovery mode from Biochem. Still, it was low-stress, and the end was in sight.

– Afterwards, Rina and I tried a local Hungarian restaurant near  school, and then came home to homemade-by-Anna palacsinta filled with lemon túró!  Rina also got to meet Kate, who called in on Skype! It’s always nice when old friends connect with new ones, kind of like the reunion yesterday.

I am suddenly very tired, so it’s off to sleep the sleep of the weary student now! HELLO, SUMMER!

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