Today, we reunited!

And, oh, it was grand.

I sheepishly admit that I’m actually tearing up a tiny bit as I write this post. It seems silly but seeing you all tonight reminded me of the silly 18-year olds we were when we first met and the (comparatively) grown up 23-year olds we now are. I know saying that will make those of you who have conquered 23 and moved on to better, brighter ages laugh, but hey, these past five years have been filled with challenges, growth, friendship, and many, many good memories.Image

We reunited at La Tasca Restaurant in Washington DC for tapas and drinks. I’m curious to see what the other ladies will say about it; I really enjoyed it. We got there pretty early in the evening but the upstairs area was already filled! No worries, though, because the nicely lit lower floor had our number, and the festivities began.

The tapas we ordered (mine included patatas bravas and a fried eggplant dish) were delicious, but I think the blackberry mango sangria was the biggest hit of the night. Our waiter was a nice British man who, upon watching our hilarious attempts at taking a photo of the four of us, offered to take one for us – nice of him considering that the place was packed and the waitstaff seemed busy, busy, busy the whole night. Anyway, I liked the vibe a lot, and I would recommend it to friends who want to meet up in a lively place in DC.


Charkie, you were missed! xoxo

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One thought on “Today, we reunited!

  1. all i saw was “blackberry mango sangria”.

    JK, all i really saw when i first read this was y’alls beautiful faces!!!

    hope to hear a full recap SOON!!! ❤ ❤ ❤

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