Today, I rediscovered an old relic

I started taking piano lessons when I was 5 years old. Throughout all the ups and downs, ins and outs of life, the only thing that remained constant was my relationship with the piano. I stopped taking lessons twelve years later when I made my last move before college back to Maryland. This was a bittersweet decision. My piano teacher was my favorite out of the 4 or 5 we had over the years and I finally found a balance between my classical training and writing my own music.

Playing piano was an integral part of me for so long but when I came to college, it slowly disappeared. I applied to Duke with the intention to double major in music (and some science) but I dropped that plan soon after coming in (and realizing that some science is hard!). I snuck out to play sometimes in the solitude of the music building, and twice in 4 years I was able to muster up the gumption to tinkle around on the common room pianos. But largely, that part of my identity was gone. Most people don’t know that I play and I would’ve never imagined that as young learner.

Anyway, back to the relic. Our beloved piano was a great companion, and quite a trooper, through our many moves. But it was getting old and tired of the constant climate change so we gave it to some family members. And until today, I actually forgot who owned it now! I was sitting in my uncle’s living room and I kept looking at the piano. It was kind of like when you see a cute boy or girl in a room and you keep looking at them, hoping they won’t notice that your flirty looks are actually just awkward gawks. I had a crush on the piano. And I kept looking and looking and then AHA!!! THAT’S MY PIANO. It was so shiny and new looking that it eluded my recognition. But I examined the beat up bench that was barely noticeable when considering the black behemoth beyond it. No matter how much it tried to doll itself up, that piano had the small scratches and rubbed down paint spots as it did when we gave it away. And I know those imperfections because we put them there! I haven’t run my fingers along the smooth white keys of such a beauty for too long. But I know that the day I finally get back on the piano will be an amazing day indeed.

In another trip down memory lane, we visited my grandmother’s grave after my cousin’s high school graduation. She always said she wanted to be around to see me, my sister, and my cousin graduate but sadly couldn’t happen. I was going to write this post about her and that visit but I reacted rather unexpectedly at the cemetery and I think it would be too hard to talk about her now. But she was lovely and I can’t wait to have a daughter to name after her. Or, better yet, a daughter that is exactly like her! I would be so lucky.

Well, that’s all for now! Tomorrow some of us (arkies) will reunite so I’m looking forward to that. This week is all about the past meeting the present! Do y’all have any old relics or memories that have recently resurfaced?


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