Today, I might as well not unpack.

That’s what Charkie said to me when I told her about leaving for DC/Maryland today. This trip will end a week and a half full of back and forth so it seems we’re all traveling a lot these days! Thankfully, I’ll have a break until the 22nd and then NEW ORLEANS. So pumped. 

Asheville was lovely! Even though it rained a bit, we managed to capture the few moments of dry that we could to explore the city a bit. We had lunch at this place called Sunny Point Cafe. It is quite popular and we waited for an hour to be seated. But it was good! After that, we went to the Arts District and went to some awesome galleries! They were HUGE. One of them had 3 floors packed with rooms and art. It was like a museum! The art was phenomenal and incredibly evocative. I love being overwhelmed by good feelings! As I anticipated in my last post, I keep falling in love with the place and can’t wait to go back! 

Now, I head to DC again for my cousin’s high school graduation. I’m looking forward to spending time with some family and maybe seeing some friends too (-arkies, here I come)!

até breve! 🙂  




2 thoughts on “Today, I might as well not unpack.

  1. We are quite the travelers! New Orleans?

    I can’t wait until we have our reunion in Asheville. See you so soon on this side of town, my love! ❤

  2. YES, keep on scoping out those places for our reunion! what an artistic pairing of “sunny side” next to a photo of the rain. curatorial you!
    happy travels, part dois.

    Beijinhos xx

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