Today, I recap the weekend trip to NYC!

Seems like my fellow -arkies have been quite the busy little bloggers while I was sweating away in NYC with le significant other. I apparently cannot read weather reports very well and tricked myself into thinking that NYC would be a chilly 60-70 degree F this weekend. Turns out I was probably 20-30 degrees F off. Phew. I always have such a love hate relationship with this city (I’ll be honest… please don’t hate me for saying this!). Where to begin, I think it’s lovely, so many different people, places, sights, food, cultures, learning places, monuments, buildings, etc etc etc. But I come in and all I see are factories and highways and cars and gloominess (where’s the rolling countryside?).    What do you all think of NYC?! What are you favorite places? Leave a comment below!

Anyways, here’s the quick New York visit!

Friday arrival noon: trip to possibly the slowest post office to ship off our May Giveaway! 🙂 and then met up with le garçon near his office for lunch. Yakitori Totto – A cute little japanese restaurant. My lunch (see picture to the right) began with salad with delicious ginger (I think?) dressing, miso soup (with little tofu chunks). The entree came with rice, asian pickles, scallions, poached (rawish) egg, three skewers of chicken thigh (you also have the option of choosing chicken breast). Heavenly! Heavenly! I love food. *sigh*

Mera ladka (aha! which language now? hehe) had to go back to work … but he suggested that I check out MoMA, rather than go to the Top of the Rock observatory… it was just a few blocks away from the Japanese restaurant and he agreed to walk me there. Perfect! No worries about getting lost. Glad to hear that I still look like a student. If you have a student ID, the price goes down from $25 to $14. That’s quite a bit of a discount 🙂

IMG_4119  IMG_4121

I tried to check out the Rain Exhibit that Charkie had told me about… however, the wait for that exhibit was FOUR HOURS LONG!!!! So much for wanting to control rain 😦  Ain’t nobody got time for dat!

My favorite floors were Floor 4 and 5 (I think, I have a bad memory sometimes). What do I spy? Starry Night?



Some parts of the exhibit, I found a bit wacky. Please don’t judge my tastes. We all have our aesthetic preferences. One of the exhibits looked like my messy room. Hmmmm… future ideas…. Later that evening, delicious food and a lovely trip to see The Great Gatsby Loved it! (Sidenote: funny thing that the story is set in NYC).

Saturday: delicious breakfast. Breakfast tip:  Add some Adobo into your scrambled eggs. As they’re about done scrambling, melt a slice of American singles (yes, the processed kind… like KRAFTS). DELICIOUS. Into the city!

Anyways, twas a trip to Central Park for a friend’s friend’s birthday. Met some cool people. Played some interesting games (Naked? A combination of catchphrase, charades, and facial expressions). So much fun. And then a trip to a Cuban restaurant (Guantanamera) to cool off with some lovely drinks. Did someone mention MANGO MOJITOS? 

View of NYC from the ferry.

View of NYC from the Staten Island ferry.

The view from central park.

The view from central park.

I’ve been to NYC quite a few times as a young tourist with my parents … and I don’t think we’ve ever visited the Brooklyn bridge. Or maybe … I just am losing my mind slowly. But anyways, we took a stop here. Unfortunately, my companion for the day is scared of heights (but you can’t see down! you might, and I did, ask)… so I had to travel half of the bridge alone. Considering I walked halfway there and back… that should sort of equal the distance of the entire bridge. Here’s evidence of my trip!

All alone.

All alone.

View from the bridge.

View from the bridge.

Later that evening… if you’ve ever taken the Staten Island Ferry (it’s pretty neat to be able to get close to the Statue of Liberty for free)… you’ll realize that it can be annoying at times. It usually runs every 30 min (15 min during peak hours) but long story short, none came when we needed it. *Sigh*

Late night movieCabin in the woodsStrange movie. I later had a dream that evening about our world being taken over by monsters….

Sunday: A day to relax… with the movie Signs

Good-bye view from my bus window:


And ending on a Gatsby note… featuring a nice, lovely song “Young and Beautiful” –

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11 thoughts on “Today, I recap the weekend trip to NYC!

  1. Your narrative tone is hilarious. Le s.o. Gets credit for suggesting MoMA? Mama always told me life is unfair. 😛
    Your pictures present the sunny side of NYC, but I agree with your mixed feelings.

  2. Love this post! Love NYC! It’s actually a new found love because I only started to like it in February lol Let’s go together sometime. You MUST GO TO ERIC KAYSER BAKERY. Seriously, if you don’t go next time, you don’t love me. Or goodness. I’m glad you enjoyed your time and thanks for the photos!

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