Today, I am going to Asheville…and other things.

I was going to entitle this post: Today, I am going to Asheville. But then I realized other things are going on today so might as well address them too. But then I couldn’t think of a good title so I just stated the obvious. OK, anyway.

Asheville. My darling friend Liana is in town to go to a wedding with my other darling friend Sharon in Asheville. They invited me to come along so yay! I love Asheville. I have been there quite a few times and every time, I fall in love with something else. I’m not sure what I’ll do tonight in the city but hopefully it will continue to enchant me! Last year, around this time, I was in Asheville with Jannie/Char! I’ll be missing you (and arkie!) this trip but hopefully we can have some awesome adventures in the future!

Football. Today is the last game of the season for Real Madrid. It’s also Jose Mourinho’s last  game managing the squad (but I’m most likely not losing him because he’s most likely going (back) to Chelsea). So as this season is over and Chelsea’s finished a couple weeks ago, this marks the end of my first season as a soccer FANATIC. I had no idea I had the potential to go this crazy over something. It’s been a wild ride of emotion, especially because I fell in love with two teams that went through some tough times this season, but it’s also been the most fun I’ve had in a long time! I think that passion, no matter what for, is one of the greatest feelings a person can experience and I hope everyone can find that one thing that makes them crazy…in a good way 😉 Anyway, even though the season has ended, football is never over (as my mom laments)! Tomorrow Brazil plays England in a friendly and now World Cup Qualifiers and all that jazz begins. Hopefully I’ll be able to catch my teams in the States during this pre-season. I’m going to keep crossing my fingers for that.

Summer. My sister comes back home for the summer so that should be fun! She hasn’t been home in a long while so readjusting to a family of 4 will be interesting but I’m looking forward to all of us being together! The heat is already striking but I think it doesn’t bother me as much as it used to. And the Vitamin D will be good for me, as my tiredness has been coming back lately. I’m also  planning to be more productive this summer. As you’ve probably noticed, I started a photoblog ( so hopefully I’ll update it regularly…which means I’ll hopefully be taking pictures regularly! And I’m going to try and start working on some videos again. It’s been a while since I’ve had artistic inspiration, if you will, so I’m glad it’s coming back! Stay tuned!

Miscellany. I think that’s all for now. I’ll try to take some photos of Asheville for you and maybe catch some hipsters in their natural habitat 😛 I wanna give a shoutout to Una Madridista who almost definitely doesn’t read this blog but can be sure that I read hers. She is why I’m the proud/informed Madridista I am today and sadly, she’s ending her 4 year project. Thank you for all the hard work!

And thank YOU all for putting up with my incessant football talk and random ramblings. But I guess that’s what a blog is for, right? 🙂


2 thoughts on “Today, I am going to Asheville…and other things.

  1. Have a wonderful time in Ashy-ville! … Though I think that’s a place where you’d have to actively try to have a bad time.
    Your football passion rubbed off on me just a little, and even that was a lot of fun – thanks for my first season as a semifanatic 🙂
    Hope to see the fruits of your artistic labors soon! ❤

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