Today, I’m feeling 23!

There’s some construction going on outside my window, and every once in a while, there is a noise that sounds exactly like these opening bars.

It was quite unnerving the first few times…

This pretty much confirms the obvious: exam season can be a horror movie in slow motion. Ok, ok, it’s not THAT bad, but there is some mental anguish involved. Today was my biophysics exam, so now there are 2 out of 4 left to go.

Bianca beat me to this recap, but on Saturday, I had a wonderful surprise birthday dinner at Arriba Taqueria. (HEY GIRL, HEYYY thanks for the goody bag, B – you spoil me!)  Leesa, who is sitting on my left in the picture, organized the party way back at the beginning of the semester! I knew that the “surprise” dinner was for my birthday, but I did not expect so many people to be there! I’m so grateful that everyone took the time to come celebrate during this busy exam period. We’re all pretty stressed at the moment, so it meant a lot to me.

My favorite new friends from this year!

I was surprised to see so many of my favorite new friends! I can’t believe we’ve only known each other since September.

17 thoughts on “Today, I’m feeling 23!

  1. Nothing like good food as study break! 🙂 CONGRATS FOR BEING HALFWAY THERE! You’ve got the hardest ones outtaaaa da way.
    And that video. hehe.

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