Aujourd’hui, je chante

Plenty to update on, but I’ll do that after tomorrow’s exam. This song popped up on my shuffle though, and I was immediately transported. Although La vie en rose  is probably Piaf’s most famous chanson, this one is tied for my favorite. Actually, they pair off together beautifully, too: a love song for someone else and a love song for your own life lived without regrets.

Plus, I can’t get over the perfectly rolled “r”s.

11 thoughts on “Aujourd’hui, je chante

  1. I grew up listening to Edith and always wondered why everyone made a big hoot about La Vie when this was my favorite! I mean, they’re both fantastique but this one didn’t get enough love.

    haha…made a big hoot about la vie. It’s not that special people! 😛

  2. OK, so I had to hunt for the English translation. Can I still be a fan of this song?

    Many thanks,

    Jim Amos, MD
    The Practical Psychosomaticist

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