Today, I opened my beauty box.


I’m spending the evening watching episodes of Late Night with Craig Ferguson on Youtube and trying the beauty products Jarkie sent me in a beauty box! What are you guys up to tonight? And here are a couple of my favorites so far:

Image“Sultry” Lipliner, by Paula Dorf ($20): This lipliner by Paula Dorf turned out to be a great nude color. I started off outlining my lips with a nude liptick on hand but liked it so much that I filled in my lips all the way with the lipliner itself. It will work nicely with gold undertone skin and clothing that is light pink, green, or brown. It’s available at for $20.


100% Pure Vanilla Bean Body Cream ($15): Oh, my word. I almost fainted from delight when I smelled the sweet vanilla scent of this body cream. It smells amazing and is purportedly all-natural, so what more could you want? An 8 oz tube is $15 at

Also, Jarkie asked me where the quote from my previous post came from, and it came from this adorable journal I bought at Barnes and Noble for $6.95:

photo (13)


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3 thoughts on “Today, I opened my beauty box.

  1. I like that you used the word “purportedly” — it’s one of my favorites 🙂
    Looks like a relaxing evening after your sojourn in Reston! Did you come across any particularly hilarious interviews?

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