Today, I am winding down to wind up again.

This past weekend, I was in Boston to celebrate my sister’s graduation from the College of Fine Arts at Boston University. I am so happy for her and excited for her future! She’s so talented and I can’t wait to see what happens next for her and all the other supremely talented actors/actresses in her class.


The fam all together!

So traveling was a big mess because of all the delays and stuff. The last few times I’ve gone away have been way too easy so I guess the difficulties had to come some time. This was my first time flying this particular airline and hopefully my last time, if I can help it. Even though being in Boston at this graduation time was hectic, it was nice to get away. I’m trying to relax now in these next couple of days because on Saturday I’m going to DC. Then next Saturday, I’m going to Asheville. And then the Tuesday after that I’m going to DC again (yet another graduation)! So you can look forward to some more travel posts, if I’m not too tired to type it up.


Cold day in Beantown but the Charles always looks nice 🙂

Oh, update on the desired “weekend of winning”. By the time we finally got to Beantown, I was able to see the end of the Real Madrid Copa del Rey game. They lost in one of the most controversial matches I’ve seen in a while and I was so upset for a while and I need to now let football affect my mood that much. I didn’t like freak out on anyone but when I was just sitting and chilling, I was a little more sour than I would have been. Also, Orb didn’t win the Preakness. So there was some losing but Chelsea won their final game, my sister graduated, I got to meet my cat nephew and hang out with my fam so overall, WINNING. I’m bringing that back. Where’s Charlie Sheen when you need him?


A windy day can sure do a number to a girl’s hair! Thank goodness for sunglasses.

Yesterday I had a long chat over froyo with two friends that just finished their time at Duke and there was some great conversation. I was kind of outnumbered in terms of my worldview (I didn’t realize they both were similar in certain things) but it was really cool to talk about the broad array of things we discussed. Also, they were both science majors so their perspective and insight was fascinating! I thought of Arkie because we talked about personality types.


Froyo inspires deep thought!

The main topic to chew on was the idea of change and whether people are able to. So I’ll end the post with that question: do you think people have the ability to change? Or does the core of someone’s being always stay the same?

11 thoughts on “Today, I am winding down to wind up again.

  1. omg ❤
    1) lovely lovely lovely family!
    3) I feel like people definitely have the ability to change…as to what it takes for them to change, that varies. And in terms of core… I think in a way, yes, it'll always be there, it's like an onion, you add layers and more layers.
    4) I'm jealous. I want fro yo.

    • 1) thanks jannie 🙂
      2) YES! I will keep you posted on daily plans but it’s more likely that I’ll see you next next Wednesday or Thursday, if that works for you.
      3) I agree with the changing thing, as in, I think people can do it. But then also, I wonder if the core changes or gets hidden over time by the onion layers or can change…quite interesting to ponder but also frustrating because who knows if there’s an answer?
      4) ME TOO. Again. Always. It’s the best.

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