Today, I’m learning (about) languages!

So I’m (re)watching this television show that is filmed in Barcelona and the language they speak is Catalan. While watching last night, I noticed that one of the words they said meant the same thing in Haitian Creole so I did some research!

Catalan is spoken in the Catalonia region which is now Northeastern Spain, France, and some other small places. The language is like this mixture of French/Italian/Spanish and it sounds quite interesting when you’re listening to it–you can hear each influence distinctly at different times. Anyway, Kreyol is actually a mixture of French/Spanish and that’s why the languages sounded so similar! There are times when they meet in the (french) middle and some words mean the exact same thing! Actual linguists might cringe at my analysis of this but it’s exciting to hear something that seems so different from you culture actually be closely related!

My Portuguese is improving. Or, at least, my ability to use the language learning software is improving! Will I actually be able to form a sentence if faced with an actual Portuguese speaker? Probably not yet but a girl can dream! I need to get more people in on this with me so I can have a learning/speaking buddy! Any takers?

7 thoughts on “Today, I’m learning (about) languages!

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