Today, I Set The Stage…

photo 3 (11)And the lights are on. My Julep May box came! I just became of Maven not too long ago (you can see my review of their introductory box here)… I was excited to find out that I could still order the May box. The theme… drumroll… coincides perfectly with the opening of the Gatsby movie. I have mixed feelings about that film, however, I shall reserve any opinions until I’ve actually seen it.

The first thing that made me happy about this box was the little card (see left) with a quote by none other than one of my faves, Mr. George Gershwin. And as my other -arkies will attest to, I definitely live life according to his motto right there. 🙂

photo 2 (11)

photo 4 (11)



What do I spy in this box?

  • New York Jazz Lipstick Trio (Regular Price: $28.00) – see the shades (left photo) from top to bottom: Tea for Two (nude shimmer lip sheer), Satin Doll (poppy lip sheer), & Lady in Red (Matte crimson lip color). – I loved loved loved the packaging! And all of the colors are perfect. They’re not too crazy… haha. Perfect touch for the month of May.  
  • Sugar Smooth Lip Scrub (Regular Price: $14.00) – It’s a blend of  brown sugar, molasses, conditioning oils, vitamin E, and shea butter..  And when it’s opened, you can definitely smell the brown sugar & molasses combination. Reminded me of maple syrup. You rub the scrub on your lips in a circular motion and then just wipe off with a tissue. Left my lips feeling so smooth and soft and I’ve only used it twice so far!  I also loved the packaging and the container it comes in.
  • Julep American Beauty Volumizing Mascara (Regular Price: $24.00) – I’m not a mascara user at all. But I’ve heard good things about their mascara.
  • Bonus gift: Julep hair clips – Two white ones, Two pink ones. So wonderful for summertime. I can’t wait to wear them… to you know, get those bangs outta my face!

This was my first actual box from Julep and I loved it! I love that I have the ability to skip a month if I do not like their products (or if I’m feeling quite thrifty that particular month). What were your alls favorite items? Did you like this month?

photo 5 (8)

Sugar Smooth Lip Scrub… so sweet that I could just eat it!

On a last note…

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5 thoughts on “Today, I Set The Stage…

    • (Sorry, perils of mobile commenting)
      *totes wishing I were a subscriber like you- great colors and fun products:D how do the colors suit you?
      Agreed on the Gatsby sentiment, but rather than see it myself, I will wait on reports from you and others to form my opinion 😛

    • The lib scrub is wonderful! My lips are no longer dry/chapped/peeling). I pretty much use it every morning now… and it tastes so good (though I know I shouldn’t eat it *gulp* )

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