Today, I want to be a number 10.

In football, the number 10 is a highly coveted number. If you see a player on a team wearing that number, you know they are highly valued and should be a joy to watch. Wearing the number 10 means you are the number one playmaker. You are the momentum of the squad…not like the captain who revs people up and gets them excited about the game, but rather like the person who should be responsible for every positive thing that happens in the game. The number 10 is not necessarily the top scorer on a squad but you can be sure he/she will have the most assists or have a hand (or rather, foot) in a majority of the goals. Pele, not so arguably the best player ever, was a number 10 (please tell me you’ve heard of him)! Maradona, Ronaldinho, Juan Mata, Zinedine Zidane, Mesut Özil…these are some of the past and present number 10s that have made their name in the beautiful game. Another thing about most of these amazing players is that they are humble and quiet and leave everything out there on the pitch.

Ok, I’m sure y’all are enjoying this lovely football lesson but I’ll relate it back to life now.

I’ve never been a number 10. I’m the person that sits on the bench. I help the team grow in practice, sure, and I get paid similarly to everyone else but you won’t find my jersey in the Adidas store, nor will you see my face all over tumblr and my reels on YouTube. I have never been the number one playmaker and perhaps that’s by design. I’ve always tried to do the best I can but I think I have underestimated what my best actually is. My new year’s resolution–if the year starts today, Saturday May 4–is to become the best playmaker for mi vida (😉). I don’t need to go down in history for scoring the most goals but I’d like to look back one day and think I made some great moves along the way.

Ok, that is all for my morning of cliche and metaphor.

Happy derby day! I hope Myluto wins it all!

Eu gosto todos vocês!


3 thoughts on “Today, I want to be a number 10.

  1. Football is life, so I don’t see the reason for that sentence 😛 Also, did you mean your vida, or your “vida”??

    But really, what a beautiful analogy! (not just because my beloved JM is involved). I’m confident that your best faaaar exceeds your expectations! I wish you could see yourself as I see you, mush etc.

    May the 4th be with you! ❤

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