Today, I wish y’alls a HAPPY OAKS DAY!

Today is one of my favorite days of the Kentucky Derby festival (top contenders: Thunder over Louisville fireworks show, Hot air balloon race, the actual Kentucky Derby). It’s Oaks day, the day where the proud 3-year old Thoroughbred fillies (YAY TO GIRL POWER) race 1 1/8 miles at Churchill Downs. It’s always held on the Friday before the Derby every year and the winner will receive the Lillies for the Fillies 🙂 Wish you could be part of the action? Stream and bet here!

Wanna learn more about the Kentucky Oaks? Click here 🙂

Julep Maven

On another note, my Julep Maven introductory box came in two days ago. Pretty interesting. How does it work? You take a style quiz. I didn’t like my results so I changed to “Modern Beauty”.  The introductory box you get will determine what you goes in your introductory box. It’s $19.99 a month, however, what I love about this box is that they’ll send an email on the 20th of each month that will give you a preview of what will go in the boxes. You can choose different styles, send the box to someone else, or skip the month! If you’re interested in becoming one, here ya go.

Modern Beauty – Intro Box

photo 1 (14)

Glycolic Hand Scrub (retail: $23/3 oz): They call it a “facial for hands” and it sure feels that way! I’ve only used it twice but I love the way it makes my hands feel. I focus so much on my face, that I forget about my hands. I love the smell, very light, fresh… my hands are already looking significantly better, no long have the “are-you-80-years-old?” type of hands.

Rock Star Hand Crème  (retail: $20/3 oz):: Supposedly anti-aging (that’s always good) with shea butte,r glycerin, coconut oil and vitamin E. It’s a light enough so that it doesn’t leave my hands feeling greasy.

I’m liking this set already. I also got a Julep nail file and a One-Step Polish Remover Pad (value: $0.99/1 pad). Looks like it’ll be perfect for trips! Happy… I went ahead and ordered a May box (I was too in love with the lipstick… and it’ll be just in time for the Gatsby movie. Anyone else excited?).

Happy Kentucky Oaks 139!

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