Today, I end my solitude.

My parents come back from Haiti today so I decided to cook for them to welcome them home.




Cornbread muffins, chili, and cinnamon cookies (to be served with rum raisin ice cream).

I don’t understand how people can live alone. Even if I never talked to my roommate, the fact that someone is there is always preferable to me…or maybe I just need to find more things to do outside that will distract me enough…

6 thoughts on “Today, I end my solitude.

  1. if we lived together, you’d never be alone and i’d never skip meals!
    looks delish! enjoy the family reunion. i guess there will lots of good tales from the trip 🙂

  2. I’m so jealous of your parents. Now I will act like Sarah from the little princess and imagine that when I walk home today, there will be warm chili waiting for me ❤ come here and cook pour moi, mademoiselle eloi! 🙂

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