Today, I capture a second in time.

As I write this, Jarkie is in the process of updating our blog layout to version 2.0. That makes her the webmaster of our group, Arkie the videographer, Markie the editor/aesthetic consultant, and me … the observer. What is art without the audience?!

The makeover and this TEDtalk have prompted me to blog more.

Kuriyama talks about his creative project to capture one second of every day (no more, no less) for the rest of his life, and chronologically combine them in a memory montage. One of his comments resonated with me: he noted how hard it is to film that one second on “bad days” … it is during those times that we usually want to withdraw from the world. Sometimes it’s about privacy; often, it’s an attempt to maintain a facade of invulnerability. It’s also tricky when life becomes mundane or we fall into humdrum routines: “If I wasn’t doing anything interesting, I’d forget to record the video”. Regardless, these are the seconds of our lives – Not all riveting, much less happy, but onwards they tick! The end of the semester is a startling remind of that.

So, my “second” of the day:
This morning, I went to the annual anatomy competition at 7:45! It’s a slideshow presentation where they project morphology, embryology, and histology images that students have a few seconds to identify. The material is not easy, but the real challenge lies in the speedy recall of a year’s worth of anatomy. Those who answer more than 70% correctly can advance to a second round, and potentially get exempted from the semifinal exam in June. I don’t think I did well enough for that, but it was a fun experience, and hardly took up any of the usual waking hours πŸ™‚


3 thoughts on “Today, I capture a second in time.

  1. Ooh that sounds like such an interesting project! Look at you with your artsy things and insights πŸ˜‰

    The anatomy thing sounds kinda cool! It’s like jeopardy or something…my second favorite nerd game.

  2. You are the one with all the music and books background πŸ™‚ %70. And interesting. It’s like my journal/diary… I forget to write when I’m happy. I only write in it when I’m unhappy. I sound like a mean, old, grouchy, female Nick (New Girl)! πŸ˜›

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