Today, I am regaining my strength.

I may have overexerted my introvert self this weekend. Since I am home alone for about 10 days, I decided to bombard my social calendar…or rather, create a social calendar, to abate the lonely time. So quick? summary of all the things I did and then some photos:

Wednesday, Sharon came over and we baked Rosemary Feta Cheese muffins and made fried rice and watched The Odd Life of Timothy Green which really brought out my ‘cute agression’. Terribly adorable movie.

Thursday, I went to work for a bit then had a long meeting with someone about a new HFHF initiative and finally made it home to settle in and watch Anna Karenina. I had high hopes because it’s directed by the Atonement guy and has awesome people in it. It was indeed quite beautiful cinematically but a) it was really long b) I didn’t know the story of Anna Karenina was so depressing and c) did I mention it felt really long? So…that was that. All in all, not very social.

Friday, I went to Durham to hang with some peeps! We walked from campus to Old Havana Sandwich Shop. I wanted to try it because apparently they have this great Haitian hot sauce. But I ended up getting something with no sauce…oh well! So we grabbed lunch and then walked to Durham Central Park and ate and played Cranium (Charmaine and I won! Woot!) and then walked to The Parlour ice cream shop and then walked back to campus. I’ve missed walking in a city when the weather is nice! So relaxing, though the sun did beat me up a bit. We went back to central and then Sonia and I went to get dinner at The Federal and see a show at the Casbah. The main band, Daughter Element, was mesmerizing and amazing and I’m still thinking about the show. After the concert, we came back and watched Brave. I was really tired but managed to stay awake and even shed a little tear at the end. Really cute movie!


My favorite game! Brings out my nerdy-ness 🙂

Friday, Sonia and I went to the Nasher for brunch and looked at the exhibit. One of them is photography from NC collections (featured a few of my former duke profs!) and it was great! The other one was this mixed media exhibit and the artist was fascinatingly complex with the way her pieces looked. Though it is not my style of art, I can appreciate her talent and some of her techniques were just beautiful (and some were a bit scary)! We went back to central and tried to watch The Illusionist. I say tried because Sonia napped and I watched a soccer game on her computer while it was going on (we’ve both already seen it). But shout out to Edward Norton who remains one of my fave actors. However, if I had to pick a movie made in 2006 about magic, I’d have to go with The Prestige. So good. After this, we headed to Chapel Hill, walked around, got some froyo and then went to Carrboro for dinner (The Spotted Dog) and a Mipso concert at Cat’s Cradle. AHHHHH THE CONCERT. I’m skipping the in between details and just telling you that the concert was amazing and I LOVE Mipso so much. Funny “story”: the bassist in the opening band (Virgins Family Band) is really cute and I was like, woah, he’s really cute. But I also am superficially smitten with the guitarist and singer of Mipso. Guess what?! They’re brothers! I’ve seen both these bands perform together before (at Coffee House with Charlotte) but I never put two and two together! After the concert, we went back to Duke and watched Warrior, another movie I love so much and I managed to stay up for this one too. So worth it.


Chapel Hill has a beautiful campus! And we got to see some graduates walking around and taking photos!



Last night around 10pm while waiting for the band to start, I randomly made a reservation for WaDuke brunch for this morning at 10:45 am. It was on a whim. I didn’t know we’d end up going to sleep around 3am but oh well! We both did our best to stay awake and enjoy a hearty breakfast. So much food! I essentially have my entire entree in my fridge because I was full after the appetizer.


I didn’t take any pictures inside because the menu said no cell phones and I took that quite seriously lol

Ok, that wasn’t that quick. Sorry! Long weekend, good weekend. I just finished napping and will probably go to sleep around 9pm…so perhaps I will balance my fun out next time!

P.S. Congrats to two of my uncles who married their longtime loves this weekend (double wedding)! Here’s a photo of my favorite one 😉



3 thoughts on “Today, I am regaining my strength.

  1. woah woah, i’m getting whiplash from just reading all this!
    * i didnt know cranium was your favorite game! how come you never showed me how to play?? we’ll rectify that!
    * great concerts >> most other things. glad you enjoyed them aurally and visually 🙂
    * congrats to your uncles!!!
    *the prestige: one of the few “serious movies” i enjoy. this may or may not have to do with c.bale.

  2. What a packed week! Charkie’s bullet points are indeed necessary –
    – PARLOUR – my new favorite place
    – You didn’t know Anna Karenina was sad?! yep, i didn’t know that when reading tha tHUGE BOOK either 😦 sad
    – hahahaha “i took that quite seriously” you should have used mindy’s cell behind the curtain of hair technique!
    – waDUKE!
    – Nasher!
    -so many great places, can’t wait to come back and chill with ya.

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