Today, I will learn to love the skies I’m under.

I’m gonna keep doing lyrics until my brain is inspired to come up with headlines again. Mumford always knows what to say when stresses come my way!

I am at work today and I have a photo for y’all! It’s kinda dark but this is where I work! Our small office is inside a large building complex that is all brick and cool looking in Downtown Durham.


Jarkie came to visit this weekend and that was a lot of fun! We went to so many places and I checked in everywhere on yelp! I’ll be elite soon…as soon as I start actually writing reviews.


So there’s this saying “when people show you who they are, believe them.” This past week I’ve been confronted by how bad I am at doing that and how often I make excuses for people and try to see the good in everyone–or rather, naively ignore the bad. One example in particular is that of this soccer player Luis Suarez. He plays nationally for Uruguay and professionally for Liverpool. In 2010 he (in)famously cost Ghana their advancement in the World Cup by cheating (used his hand to stop a goal…he’s not a goalie). A lot of people, my dad included, hated him after that. Last year he was charged with racially abusing a player. Still, to this day, I argue in his defense with my dad. Well, I should say, until yesterday.
After hanging with Jarkie, I came home to watch Chelsea play Liverpool. I’m not anti-Liverpool like nearly every other Chelsea fan and I actually cheer for them most times. Yesterday, however, was a travesty. First, Suarez did his intentional handball thing again and THEN. He bit someone. LITERALLY, like wide open mouth bit a Chelsea player’s arm. I laughed for a bit because it was just SO ridiculous that a grown man would bite another grown man. But then I thought about how sad it was for him and for his legacy that I’ve been trying to defend. But he lacks emotional discipline on the pitch. So I’m done defending him. I’m not condemning him yet but dude’s got a lot of work to do! (And he was just nominated for player of the year! I mean, come on!)

Anyway, happy birthday to Kaka, who has been my favorite soccer player since I was like 8 years old and to David Luiz, who I want to marry meet one day.



Finally, I like how the clouds look like smoke. Sunshine makes me bring my camera out 🙂



One thought on “Today, I will learn to love the skies I’m under.

  1. 😀

    that’s where you work! awesome! i’m worried that you don’t have enough screen space though :/

    sorry for your disillusionment w/ Suarez.

    i still can’t believe Luiz had on the Duke gear! if you squint, you can imagine that the photo was taken in the marketplace!

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