Today, I am a tidal wave of mystery.

I couldn’t come up with a snappy headline so I used lyrics to a song I was listening to.

Today I woke up early to texts from my sister who woke up early to texts from her school (Boston U) telling her to stay inside. I’m glad she’s safe and hope she doesn’t get too stir crazy.

After reading her text, I quickly flipped on the news. It’s amazing how much can happen while we’re all asleep. It’s disconcerting, actually. I can’t imagine being there but it’s a beautiful city (that has also proven to be resilient) so I know things will get better.

I got up and made a smoothie. I am quite particular about foods…a byproduct of a weak stomach? Maybe…or perhaps I’m not as adventurous as I used to be. But anyway, I don’t like strawberries or bananas and both went into my drink this morning. To that I added spinach, cranberry juice and water. YUMMY. It looks disgusting but I promise it tasted good and none of the ingredients overwhelmed me. I hope to make smoothies a normal thing now. I’m enjoying making things. Yesterday I made a potato chowder that wasn’t as successful as the corn bread I served it with but oh well, I’m learning!


I spoke to my sister just a bit ago and she told me about a plane from Boston to Chicago that was apparently turned around because some passengers were worried about Arabic speaking fliers on that plane.

My heart goes out to Boston. But also to West, Texas. And to the people in war zones that live with violence every day as part of their lives. And to the people that will undoubtedly be profiled and hated and suspected when the word ‘terrorism’ is used, either because of their religion or where they come from or what they speak or what they wear. I try not to dwell on the ongoing sadness in the world but sometimes it gets so overwhelming!


2 thoughts on “Today, I am a tidal wave of mystery.

    • And beauty product blog!

      Zomg Markie. It really does not look appealing. But I guess I’ll have to trust your word for it! And yes, I really hope it all gets worked out soon. And I’m glad your sister is safe!

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