Today, I weigh the good and better.

… I meant to write “bad” in the title, but I guess my subconscious is relentlessly positive.

I think people would describe me as a relatively positive person (I prefer the phrase “cautiously optimistic”), but this is how part of me feels at the thought of the rest of the semester.


Plus, my wheelchair is warning me about a “bad cable” today …

The rest of me is fine with it though – Spring has sprung, the exams are decently spaced out, and there’s a light at the end of the tunnel! In fact, sometimes I’m overwhelmed with how fortunate things are. There are so many positive things to consider!:

– Having reason to wear my new sunglasses and summer clothes!
– Solidifying summer plans, with a possible visit from Youmniffer on her return trip home!
– More dinners like the one yesterday at Rina’s – alfredo, champagne, garlic bread!
– Time goes by quickly with exams, which means that the 1st year of school will be over before we know it!
– Kinder Pinguì, my new favorite ice-cream alternative!
– Vampire Weekend has a new album coming out in May!


4 thoughts on “Today, I weigh the good and better.

  1. I would say look on the bright side but you always do! Despite the stresses, you seem to have a lot of great things on the horizon! Enjoy them 😀

  2. I have not heard of this alternative to ice cream… exciting about summer clothes! They’re the best. Bright colors and skirts and lotsa skirts! And yay for summer plans.

    I stumbled across this post again and laughed. That picture is so accurate… and so necessary for so many things in life. Can we make a T-shirt ? matching t-shirts? Just walk around with that on.

    • yes, that would be a perfect shirt!!
      i’d wear it every monday! .. and possibly other days 🙂

      Pingui is delicious! it’s like … cream inside? but milky? it has to be refrigerated because it’s “natural milk” or something …i tried to research ingredients but still don’t know!

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