Today, I confess my love of ASICS.


Do your feet ever hurt when you run? Mine do when I haven’t replaced my ASICS in a while.

I love running and could not exist without it. I really do lean on running to de-stress and clear my mind when I am busy and under pressure.  As a college student, I used to run between East Campus and West Campus through Sarah P. Duke Gardens on every good weather day. And I mean every single good weather day. When running outside just wasn’t a possibility, I turned to Duke’s Wilson gym. Man, those ellipticals saw a lot of me during fall and winter!

Unfortunately, during my senior year of college, my right foot suddenly got very painful and sore when I began running longer distances. So sore that I used to hobble into Charkie’s dorm room on one foot while Markie and Jarkie looked at me like I was crazy. It turned out that I had an overuse injury on one of my foot muscles. And that’s when a friend recommended the best shoes ever. ASICS. They have revolutionized my running life; I never have to limit my running anymore.

So, if you’re like Jarkie and me, known to complain about sore feet, get ASICS! I can almost guarantee you that you’ll feel better.


2 thoughts on “Today, I confess my love of ASICS.

  1. Ahh yes! I remember that injury and your disappointment at having to temporarily give up running. Thank goodness there was the pool still 🙂

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