Today (this weekend), I finally get to breathe…

543832_10152342487246531_1855541242_nFREEDOM AT LAST (even if only temporarily)! It seems that I have settled into this life of transitioning between Points A and B in a straight path without any stops. Point A is Bethesda. Point B is Georgetown. Yesterday was an outlier & involved time traveling back to 1997 on a family vacation to DC… OH THE CROWDS that have come to see the cherry blossoms. The amusing part, however, is that the blossoms are not in bloom. Maybe one or two here and there. Don’t let the faux-cherry blossoms fool you! Yes, there are trees that are pretending to be cherry blossoms.

Anyways, relax I shall. But a new idea has popped into my head. And it will come soon… the big reveal… the big opening, the cutting of the ribbons. But for now, here’s a preview 🙂
stumbled upon my new favorite spa/massage/reflexology location in the Montgomery Co/Rockville/DC area (Bliss Reflexology). I actually discovered the place through Groupon… 3 massages for a very good price! Each one includes 30 min acupressure and 30 min foot reflexology. Imagine escaping into a forest (think hunger games without the hunger or the games?) in those moments after the sun has set, plopping down onto the damp forest floor and resting your feet in a warm tea bath… and that’s only the beginning. Blissful, indeed. Anyways, I suddenly had a craving for a dish I had at Spa World… and so I attempted my own version, while also borrowing (not stealing) my dad’s dishes…. make sure you cook with Taylor Swift on. It’s the secret ingredient.

– Beef Brisket
– Scallions
– Ginger
– Salt/Pepper, Random seasonings you find, Sesame Oil
– Rice Cakes
– A couple of frozen wontons (go ahead and buy the pre-made ones :D)
– Assortment of veggies (optional)
– Egg (optional)
– State of Grace, Holy Ground, Starlight, The Lucky One, 22, Sparks Fly, Forever & Always, etc  (mandatory)

1. Make the broth first! – Beef brisket + Ginger + Scallions (Green onions) … when the beef was cooked, I took it out, pulled it apart into shreds and mixed it around in some sesame oil and salt and pepper.

photo 1 (3)

2. Add vermicelli/cellophane (some sort of glass , clear looking noodles) and rice cakes into your broth. When the soup comes to a boil, add in the wontons and beef brisket…

3. Are those wontons now floating? Good! Add the optional veggies!

photo 2 (3) photo 3 (3) photo 4 (4)

4. Beat an egg in a bowl… slowly pour it into your soup. Create shapes in the soup. Figure 8? Be more creative! Remember to stir the soup while you gently pour the egg into the dish.
5. Serve hot 🙂

photo 5 (3) photo (24)


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