Smells like med school

‘Twas an exciting day in the life of a first-year medical student!

After a somewhat restless night, I reluctantly arose for anatomy lecture. Today’s topics were the nasal cavity & paranasal sinuses as the first part of the respiratory system. However, much of the lecture was a repeat from last semester when we studied the skull. Still .. I’ve forgotten pretty much … everything! Yikes. Repetition is the mother of all study?!

In dissection today, we were surprised with a fresh cadaver! Which sadly means that someone recently died and donated his/her body to science.
My use of pronouns is purposefully ambiguous; I could have sworn it was a deceased man, but then afterwards, some people said it was a woman! O_O cant’t make this stuff up … It’s still TBD in my mind and I’m going to ask around tomorrow 🙂 The confusion stems from the fact that the thoracic and abdominal cavities were opened for us when we got there, and the head and bottom half were mostly covered; still, you wouldn’t think there’d be that uncertainly! Oops.
Looking at the internal organs of a fresh specimen gave me a much better idea of the viscera compared to the preserved cadaver we use most of the time. The colors were so bright and the organs pliant and smooth, nearly as they are in vivo. The smell was distinctly different, too – a putrid, fetid smell compared to the chemical sting of formaldehyde. It could be my imagination, but it seems to be lingering more, too.
I have yet to write about it, but the cadaver that greets us in every dissection (“ours” for the year) has HIS (it’s a man!) own interesting insights and quirks to offer. Perhaps most notable is that his right lung is shifted way past the midline into the upper left part of his chest (it’s also quite blackened but, as I’ve mentioned previously, this may be expected from city life), and his left lung is completely atrophied.

Our Professions class met in the cardiology clinic in Buda today, which means I got to see and cross the Danube for the first time in a few months (I live about fifteen minutes away. #hermit). It’s the hospital system’s newest and most modern clinic, so I’m glad to have seen it, though it was a bit of a trek there and to the following class back in Pest. The presentation and tour were a good primer to cardiac catheterization and other basics of the present-day cardiologist’s arsenal, plus we could put some of our heart anatomy knowledge to practical use. We’ll be back there in the fourth year!

Sending lots of luck & love to Jarkie for her big test day tomorrow!

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