Today, I’m planning my birthday wishes.


Arkie’s birthday in Charkie’s dorm room, March 2012

Tomorrow is my birthday! Usually when I blow out my candles, I make a wish for a different person on every candle and then, blow them out. Charkie, Markie, and Jarkie are always three of the people I make wishes for, if that was your next question. Last year, it took me so long to finish my wishes before blowing out my candles that our friend Kate told me it looked like I was praying.

What should I wish for tomorrow?! Anyone need anything in the coming year?


2 thoughts on “Today, I’m planning my birthday wishes.

  1. One thing So generous about you is how you make your birthday about OTHER people 🙂 wishing you all the best for this new phase of “22”- may all your wishes come true ❤

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