Long liver the long weekend!

Watching the announcement of the new pope on TV with an irreverent Catholic (Anna) makes for hilarity. Some commentary:

“Fifty thousand people standing out in the rain for what?!? Is that normal?!”

Me: He’s rather old…
A: No ‘rather’ – he’s old, period.

“Finally, we can sleep well in our beds tonight!”

One thing’s true – we will sleep well, though not necessarily because of the news in Vatican City. Tonight, I’m finishing some other loose study ends, not setting any alarm, and looking forward to a long weekend in my pajamas. We have the next two days off for a national holiday. I am so grateful for this extra time to catch up (read: start) on the GI system. I don’t know if I have the guts to stomach all the lecture material  =/ We started with the oral cavity a few weeks ago and have covered all the way down to the intestines by now, so I’m quite behind. The gall!

Our Medical Professions lecture was given by a psychiatrist today! I had been looking forward to hearing what he had to say, and though he was quite soft-spoken and didn’t offer any startling insights, it was still a nice reminder of what I one day hope to do (I think). It would’ve been nice if he could have spoken about his day-to-day duties more, but I’ve noticed that psychiatrists are usually extremely reticent or evasive when it comes to discussing the details of their work (and boy have I spent lots of time trying to figure that out!). Confidentiality is a particularly sensitive issue in psychiatry (why that is reflects the taboos of mental health still so deeply rooted in society), to the point that it makes it hard to know exactly what it is that a psychiatrist does. I think clarifying that would improve the image of mental health professionals and their role in medicine.

In the middle of his presentation was a figure from an article about a polymorphism in the serotonin transporter gene (5-HTTLPR) … citing none other than one of my former Duke professors!! This was particularly startling because I did not enjoy his “Inside the Disordered Brain” course at all despite its promising name, but apparently he is a pretty big deal?! Go figure. My best memory from that class is making up wacky mnemonics with Kate.


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4 thoughts on “Long liver the long weekend!

  1. You are quite a punny one. Guts and stomach and whatnot. All of you.

    And I suppose his Hammer will live with us! 😛 Enjoy the four day weekend, lucky one!

  2. My mom’s favorite soap opera is on at 2 and they interrupted it for the pope celebrations. She is quite peeved. “America’s not even catholic” she says. “They haaad to show it during my show” she laments..

    Wow. You really snuck those puns right in there, didn’t you?

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