Today, I’m not as tired…

So I’ve been battling some extremmmmme fatigue lately. I can’t pinpoint what in my environment is contributing to my lack of energy. Maybe one of my neighbors is smoking weed all day and it’s seeping through the vents into my skin. I would actually welcome that explanation and just move away. Anyway, being so tired demotivated me to be active and have my daily dance parties but yesterday I figured dancing might promote a boost in energy so I danced yesterday AND today and I’m actually feeling a bit better. We’ll see if it helps in the next few weeks.

And look what I got!
I ordered them a couple weeks ago and now get to show my allegiance(s) on my car! Woot! And, since it wasn’t too cold and I was outside anyway–I am a dry cleaners pro now!– I had a chance to clean the inside a little bit. I realize that over the years, my laid back attitude on what I let my passengers do (eat/drink/put makeup on) in my car has led to frustrating uncleanliness. I don’t wanna be that person that has rules about their vehicle but…one can only have so much concealer and chai tea spilled on a seat (not to mention when people straight up leave their trash!) before she gets serious.

4 thoughts on “Today, I’m not as tired…

    • haha they’re solo dance parties…but if we ever live close to each other, maybe i’ll open the doors to the markie club! and i’m SURE if i lived near you, i would have more energy! you’re always doing stuff…and your presence is energizing enough!

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