Life moves a little too hard and a little too fast

Thus, I have been “blagging” (blog lagging), for which Bianca called me out on.  Sorry and HELLO!

I just had a Skype session with the always-lovely Markie this evening; among our topics of discussion, we recapped the Oscars (nominated films I’ve seen: 0) and prepped for the Real Madrid (hala!) vs. Manchester match. This is my extra-curricular education.  Also, in her wise words, “There’s nothing worse in the first world than being hungry in a meeting.” Broken smartphones? Delayed flights? Spotty wi fi? I can think of a few things 🙂

No news is pretty much good news – Nothing much has changed and the 2nd semester is in full swing. Last week was our first Anatomy midterm covering the heart and great vessels. For a while, sewage drain covers and peace signs, Mercedes Benz logos, etc. looked like semilunar valves. Please compare: voila et voila. I studied a lot for the exam, including a pig heart dissection, and it was not in “vein”  😀 (#i’vegotjokes); hopefully,  I can remember the info for the final. Now we’re starting the gastrointestinal tract. Perhaps the weirdest/oddest/coolest thing in dissection is a specimen of the entire connected alimentary canal, starting from the mouth and including the esophagus and digestive organs. One of my classmates likes to hold it all up by the tongue!

The beauty and bane of medical school is that – much like Duke basketball – it never stops. Today, we had a Biochemistry midterm, and Monday is our Physics exam. It hasn’t been too bad (at least they’re spread out!), but I have a feeling Anatomy is going to be an avalanche as soon as I have time to focus on it. Well, we shall see.

For now, a hot shower, an orange, some de-cluttering, and it’s off to bed.


4 thoughts on “Life moves a little too hard and a little too fast

  1. HAHAHAHA! That is my new favorite quote! “The beauty of medical school is that much like Duke basketball, it never stops.” LOL

    • That quote was especially for you!! I was going to add a parenthetical note (for Arkie), so I’m glad you picked up on it anyways 🙂

  2. JONNNN. Omg.

    That Duke BB quote is priceless. Really, so good. Thanks for the chat and being a willing football student! 😀 Hala! I need to keep remembering to remind you to read the other JM’s blog so you can fall further in love with him.

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