Today, I did not win $500….

[8:05 AM] Pull into Garage from Entrance 3, beep swipe, turn turn turn… and I hear –

You and I go hard at each other like we’re going to war
You and I go rough, we keep throwing things and slamming the door

I grabbed my phone immediately and waited for the last words to come, it took a while since the song is almost 4 minutes long. The parking staff were a bit confused. Why is this girl sitting in her car not moving? (Long story short, if you get to work after a certain time, you have to use their valet parking services, irrelevant to this stroy)… I could see all the ways I could use that money… explore more restaurants out there. Make the korean couple at the deli that I’m now a regular of happy and make my tummy happy all at once. Maybe I could use a couple of massages? I could buy my parents a gift! Or I could do something useful with it! …. Oh baby gimme one more night…. the number (877) 947-0947 was already entered into my phone. CALL. Line busy. Bummer. I just saw $500 slip out of my hands. So there it was, my first time calling into a radio station to try to win a prize (I’m going to ignore the many times I’ve submitted answers to NPR’s sunday puzzle).

If you’re interested: 94.7 Fresh FM is doing an “Artist of the Day” contest 5 times a day for 5 weeks. You listen to the Tommy Show weekday mornings at 7:05 AM to find out who the Artist of the Day is. I happened to accidentally have my alarm clock set to this station this morning and woke up to them revealing that Artist of the Day is Maroon 5. At 8:05, 12:05 pm, 3:05 pm and 5:05 pm, you call them to try to win. I think something about the 9th caller to get through. Of course, I wasn’t even close, considering my call never even went through! There must be a strategy for this! I will try try try! Or maybe I should go back to magazine sweepstakes 😛

Anyways, whatever. *Rolls eyes* This morning’s song:


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