Today, I’m a jealous girlfriend…

Except I can’t claim that since I was never Jennifer Lawrence’s gf. Lol. I mean, we have the same initials, no matter how you look at it. My nickname, my legal name, anything… it’s still JL. And we’re both from the good ole Louisville. Born in the same year. Almost the same month, not quite. Seems like everyone these days wants to be her best friend. Stop trying to steal her away from me! Haha, okay, I have no right to claim her. I don’t know her at all! But doesn’t matter cause she’s wonderful. I don’t need to go into reasons why. Now I found this on buzzfeed today… which they got from WAVE3 (I think?) — a local news station from back home 🙂

She’s too cool right? Anyways, that’s it for today. Back to studies I go. Momentum? Check. Energy? Check. Work? Check. Moving on!

In terms of my Bethesda life, I found a deli near my house (Woodmont Deli)… the owner of the shop (so adorable!) is so sweet to me always! I’ve apparently gone too many times, because this morning as I walked in, I didn’t even have to say what I wanted, she just turned and began making my sandwich. Never been able to catch this place for lunch but their breakfast options are pretty vast… you can get a sandwich in anything (fluffy croissants, white/wheat toast, etc…)… and they will always give you so much butter that your heart would melt, not to mention Paula Dean would be proud. Also quite nice is that they seem to serve pancakes and home fries as part of their breakfast trays. Wraps and Omelettes too! I’ll have to come back and check it out. Never had the fortune of being a regular, so here I am basking in the glory of such a title 🙂

Cute, right?

Egg, Ham & Cheese on White Toast (with so much butter)

Good night, dear friends.


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