Today, WE WON!!!!!

Oh my gosh. There seem to be more Clasicos this season than in the past. With Barca + Real Madrid still alive in various competitions, they are bound to play each other a lot. I was prepared this week for 2 games, one today in the Copa del Rey and one on saturday (regular league play). Well, to say I was prepared is false…I knew they were happening, though I will never be prepared.

ANYWAY, Madrid put on a firecracker of a side today. I mean, three goals against Barcelona?!?! IN CAMP NOU?!?!?!?! Beating Barca away from home is nearly impossible.  But beating them on their ground??? That’s as close to impossible as you can get, especially this season. But Barca clearly did not want to win today, not bad enough anyway. And with the referee-sized chip they carried in on their shoulders, they did a good job at blaming everything else on the pitch for their misfortunes.

OHHHH my. I’m still reeling from this craziness. We won. WE ACTUALLY WON. Can’t wait to see Barca’s response on Saturday.

HASTA EL FINAL, VAMOS REAL! Ohhh I hope Chelsea can give me an FA cup win tomorrw!

FC Barcelona v Real Madrid CF - Copa Del Rey - Semi Final Second Leg

click photo for source

I just had to write this as a sports post. The terminology might not be understandable BUT sometimes I gotta vent in my own language. Danke fürs Lesen! 


2 thoughts on “Today, WE WON!!!!!

  1. I love seeing (or rather reading) the emotions that play through your mind when you talk about these things. 🙂 If I didn’t have you, I’d have no clue what’s going on. Well, I still don’t… but I can pretend i do ❤

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