Today I’m mentally inspired, physically tired.

I feel my stamina improving, since today’s 8am-7pm Tuesday schedule has not incapacitated me, as it did the first two times!

Today started off well when I spied a piece of post in my mailbox, which Jarkie had told me to keep an eye out for, and sure enough, it was a package from her. Since I was pressed for time out and headed to class, I saved it to enjoy upon my return. photo-1

Then, it was a day full of class and lab. The morning had a brief moment of excitement when the hydraulic lift I use to get to Hungarian got stuck mid-way on its journey up the set of 5 steps. It was a little concerning, but I was pretty confident that the security guards and technicians would sort it out, which they did in about 20minutes. Meanwhile, I just enjoyed the view and chatted with some classmates who gathered to wait with me (until the professor called them away!). Rina didn’t even realize I was stuck, and thought I was just hanging out mid-ride 😛

Our medical sociology lecture was on the doctor-patient relationship, an interesting topic but incredibly dry in its presentation. This anecdote on the invention of the stethoscope caught my attention, but the rest … not so much.

In contrast to that, I have been meaning to share the words and charisma of Ben Goldacre since B introduced me to him through his TED talk! That was just yesterday, and he’s quickly become my newest role model! He’s a psychiatrist and epidemiologist, and to borrow his wording, “properly insane” with his insights on medicine in society (clinical trial design, the role of big pharma, media bias, etc.) I wonder if the day-to-day work behind this research is as interesting as the big picture results that he presents. His ideas have re-invigorated my excitement for the importance of sound statistics in medicine. Then, I remembered that  I lack the fundamental quantitative skill sets for Goldacre’s field of work, and he’s approximately 100x more intellectual than I am. Also, I ought to finish one degree at a time.

This interview happened in a bathroom (why?!) and it’s a good primer on his crusade against “bad science”:

This is one of the best epidemiology talks I’ve heard:

Anyways, I came home and opened Jarkie’s lovely Valentine present which was … um … rather suggestive in an unintentional way 😛 It also included this portrait of our future selves:

Pretty accurate, right?

Pretty accurate, right?

Tomorrow’s a “late” start with class not until 8:45, so I’m looking forward to sleeping in! Good night 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Today I’m mentally inspired, physically tired.

  1. Wow if that picture is an indicator of what I will look like then, I better find a better face cream! Oooh thanks for introducing me to BC and now I have small talk when I’m fidgeting with the stethoscope… I’ll make sure to talk to participants about that. HAHA, to ease their minds. TEACH ME ALL THAT YOU KNOW!

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