Today, I have accomplished stuff

I completed nearly everything on my to do list today, starting bright and early. I even managed to squeeze in a little nap amidst my various activities. Ahh the hustle and bustle of North Carolina living.

One big accomplishment for me was taking some clothes to the dry cleaner. I’d never done it before and was admittedly nervous when I went. I don’t like the uncertainty of doing something for the first time, no matter how mundane.

I take for granted the small things in life that I never had to do on my own. There are so many details.

My dad and I also watched Haiti play the USA in a U-20 CONCACAF game. I did not anticipate the magnitude of my excitement. As the commentator noted, Haiti came into the game underrated. Even though we lost 2-1 in the end, we played so well…like real footballers…and I’m excited for the future of the national team. The USA side was not good…but there is one player that I know I’ll be seeing in the future. He’s so talented! I hope he makes it big!

I also hope to one day have enough money to open or work with a football academy to develop young players that live outside of Europe. There’s so much talent out there that is invisible and so many spots in even the tiniest of clubs! Dad accidentally came up with a fantastic name…that I won’t share in case copyright issues may come into play later 😛

Off to make another to do list…maybe I’ll start calling it an accomplishment list…any way to boost the old confidence, right?


2 thoughts on “Today, I have accomplished stuff

  1. Ooh ooh! Can you tell me the name if I sign a contract promising not to steal it? Anyways, if I opened a football academy, it would be with you…

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