Today, I’m a bit late….

… But HAPPY belated VALENTINES DAY!! 🙂 typing this on the mobile app for the iPhone and failing. But hai!

I would first like to begin with the visions that entered my sleep on 2/14 … It was valentines day weekend and my significant other and I were reunited. no! We cannotg spend money on hot pot! We must buy everything ourselves! and then the search for a special hot pot divider pot (one side normal broth, the other side spicy broth) came to failed ends. I immediately (of course, not dramatically) fell to the ground and began to weep.

Why am I telling you this? Because my dreams even know where my priorities are! For those of you in relationships, whether today is a special day or women or for men or for both in your culture, take this day to celebrate it! And if you’re not, laugh your heart out over some cynical (the good kind) buzzfeed articles (gotta love it)! And then remember Sweet Brown—ain’t nobody got time for that! The most exciting relationship you can have , second to the one with food, is the one with you, yourself! So my advice is belated! And here’s what I did.

I treated myself to McDonald’s breakfast ignoring all that I’ve preached about strokes at work. I gazed lovingly outside the hospital as I tried to stalk future participants. And I bought myself a red velvet cupcake. I’ve been dreaming about that too. So really FOOD is my one true love.

Okay I hope y’alls had a lovely day!






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