Today, I need a drink from the (milk) bar

Yesterday, we had our first Tuesday of the semester, notable because we have five classes, beginning at 8am, pretty much back-to-back until 6:50pm. We ended with a – count ’em 1,2,3-hour long biochem lab. Our carbohydrates seminar, which was the topic, held my attention for the first half, but then got pretty stale (heh).

Afterwards, Rina and I went to try out a newly opened “milk bar” close by called Cserpes Tejivó. I was interested to learn that milk bars have their roots in the communist era, when they were promoted as alternatives to pubs. This place is basically a café with an emphasis on dairy products – I had a banana milkshake.

Nevermind that, though. Today was the real kicker:
It started when I sadly missed our first anatomy lecture of the semester (and my first absence from anatomy!)!! Due to a combination of forgetfulness and miscommunication, I left the key to the lock of my manual wheelchair at home, so I had to go home and get it, thus foregoing what I’m sure was an important lecture on the heart. Of course it was raining as I hurried back and forth to make it to the anatomy dissection on time.

From there, the day went pretty smoothly, but I felt all off-kilter from the morning’s hecticness.

THEN, I went to attend an elective called “Culture of Medicine, Culture in Medicine” (basically Medical Anthropology) that I’m thinking of taking this semester. It’s in the NET Building, about a 40-minute walk from my apartment. As I was on my way there, I realized that my wheelchair batteries were low from the day’s exertion. I conserved as much as I could, since I was down to the red bars. hallelujah I made it back to my apartment a little before 8pm, with the battery levels flashing empty. Rina accompanied me back in case I got stuck in the middle of a walkway! I’m so thankful that didn’t happen! Maybe it was a good day, after all.

My milk glass is half full.



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