Today, I am in love…

I have fallen in love with too many things over the weekend. I know I mentioned turning magically into a Ravens fan, but that plan failed as I went with my ex-roomie to watch Silver Linings Playbook at the cinemas instead. SO GOOD SO GOOD SO GOOD. I loved it, even if it did seem overly happy. They touched the surface of that iceberg just a bit… but anytime emotions ran a little too dark, they counteracted with loads of happiness. But still… loved it! LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY! WHOOT WHOOT! I have a crush (not a girl crush, reference: The Mindy Project) on Jennifer Lawrence. Not just that I want to be friends–with a capital F (:P)–with her. *Swoon*

Also, as both Charkie and Markie have pointed out, The Mindy Project is H-I-L-A-R-I-O-U-S! I still have quite a few years before I get to where Mindy is currently, but… Today Arkie was getting a bit jealous when I wanted J-Lawrence to be my new best friend (as probably every other woman and man out there in the world does). This was my response, borrowed from the wonderful Mindy –

source: The Mindy Project Facebook Page


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