Today, I had a terrifying experience.

On my way back home from Durham tonight, I was driving down a deserted road to get to the highway and I saw a man from a distance crossing the street. As I approached the intersection, the man turned around and stopped to stare at me in the middle of my lane. And then he started walking back across the street in the direction I was driving. I was forced to quickly change 3 lanes over to avoid hitting him and as I passed, he was just looking at me. My heart is pounding just recounting the experience. It was so scary, the way he just stopped like that and stood, lingering like a ghost…actually he was more like a zombie. I am going to have nightmares about this.

To top it off, Molly sent me this awful video. She knows about my intense fear of people in costumes/masks (maskaphobia) and asked if that would be my worst nightmare. Pretty much. Now I’m going to sleep… goodnight?


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