Today, I am eating the best apple.

Seriously, I did not want that apple to end. So good.

Today has been a long and frustrating day so now that I’m showered and in my PJs (ok it may be 4pm but at least they’re my yoga pants and not my Eeyore bottoms…I can still go out in public) I will relax and watch Catfish: The TV show and most likely eat another apple. But can it be as good as the first?

Honestly though, I am anticipating tomorrow’s big events. (Alert: football speak–I have no friends to talk to about soccer and while my dad is away, my only outlet is you people, ok!?)

Anyway, my Amurikan cable doesn’t show any La Liga games on TV so I have to watch on the computer. They do show British games on Fox Soccer Channel and since Chelsea is a bigger club, most of their games are featured. However this is not always the case and sometimes I have to also watch these on the computer. Now in some wonderful twist of fate, whenever Chelsea matches are relegated to my mini screen, they are scheduled at the same time as my Real matches.


Tomorrow is El Clasico. This is what they call any game between Barcelona and Real Madrid. Think about the Duke/UNC rivalry but…better. They almost always air these games because they live up to their name. Tomorrow is not a Clasico in league play so they definitely aren’t showing it on TV…ok I won’t explain what that means…

What I’m trying to say is that both games are on my computer at 3pm and it is a bit upsetting (FWP, I know). But, because both these teams wouldn’t know consistency if it slapped them on the behind, it might turn out that I don’t watch either one because I am cowering in fear.

Well, off I go to ponder my football woes and watch people get duped on the interwebs.

Oh, I have to give a shutout to global warming (ahem, I mean “climate change”). It is a lovely 75 degrees outside and as I soak in the balm, I am shutting out thoughts of polar bears swimming forever while the earth not-so-slowly melts.


4 thoughts on “Today, I am eating the best apple.

  1. Omg! We should have a party – me in my purple pants (YES THOSE PURPLE PANTS) and you in your eeyore pants (so jealous!) !!! And yes this 70 degree weather is L-O-V-E-L-Y!
    I wish I could understand you with your football language. but unfortunately I do not. I do know that THE SUPERBOWL IS THIS WEEKEND! HAHAHAHA. Nah. Not important. Except kinda.

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