Today, I’m a bit under the weather…

It started with going to see Zero Dark Thirty last night with an ex-roomie of mine. I enjoyed the film, so much that I felt so MAD that I had to step outside for a bathroom break. My advice for y’all if you go watch it: do NOT drink all that soda you got! Jessica Chastain’s performance here was quite different from her performance in Mama and I can say with confidence that this movie was much better. You could tell she was going crazy… anyways, I’ll stop at that. It’s so funny, because even though I knew the ending (okay, ignore the conspiracy theories), I found myself shaking at the end, extremities went felt numb& weak (sounds like stroke….), heart was racing, SOB (shortness of breath)… PHEW! Anyways, that was that.

But it wasn’t just that. As I tried to sleep last night, I couldn’t get the film out of my mind. I found myself questioning the authenticity of each little scene in that film. Was it real? Did that actually happen? What did it ACTUALLY look like? And there I went… on the wikipedia rampage. Oh my, oh my. That probably happened for about 2 hours. Ask me any question about the “greatest manhunt in history” (as the filmmakers call it) and I promise I can tell you more than I thought I would be able to.

However, I am suffering the consequences today… sneezing, congestion, runny nose, nausea, headache, fatigue … I hope not a flu. The worst part! I made Hungarian goulash (make sure you have your Hungarian paprika! Charkie koszonom!), Beef Stroganoff,  and Gumbo (don’t know if it was a fail or success… doesn’t taste like Gumbo I’ve had in the past, but it’s still good! I’m missing a key ingredient. I wish I knew what… would you all know the answer to that?! Comment if you do! THANKS 🙂 )
However this illness has caused me to not want to enjoy the food. That should be illegal! Anyways, I threw a lot of lime in my water. And now I’m sipping on Ginger Tea.

Ginger Tea (recipe) – not so much of a recipe as it is common sense… but still, here it goes! 🙂
– Thinly sliced ginger (after peel)
– A thin slice of lime (optional)
– Honey (optional)

Put the thin ginger slices (however much you want… ) into a pot with desire amount of water. Bring to a boil and then turn to low-mediumish heat. Cover with a lid and just let it steep. In a cup, squeeze the lime juice into the cup and then throw the dehydrated lime slice in (if you want to use lemon, go for it!). Add desired mount of honey into the lime juice and stir vigorously. Let the ginger steep. Once you notice the color of the water change, turn heat off and pour over your honey and lime mix. Stir stir stir and enjoy the warmth! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Today, I’m a bit under the weather…

  1. Mmm I love ginger tea! Though it can be too spicy at times. And honey is never optional in life! I hope you feel better, Jannie!
    Can’t wait to see Zero Dark Thirty! Jessica Chastain looked great on the red carpet tonight!

  2. your tea sounds great even though i dont even like ginger all that much! that’s how much love you imbue even into your food descriptions 🙂

    “[…] I promise I can tell you more than I thought I would be able to.” –> i can testify to THAT!

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