Today, I am all about the apps

So now that I have this new phone, I’ve been going crazy with my apps. I have found so many good/new ones and I’m in phone heaven. One that I just downloaded is WordPress. I’m hoping it will encourage me to write on the blog more because it’s at my fingertips! (I’m writing this post on it right now!)

Of course I have my team stream, to keep track of world football/duke bball news, and I have tumblr (can take photos for my phone wallpaper!), and the requisite “with friends” games.

Another valuable thing I found was language apps! Now you’re all aware of my quest to become multi-lingual and I never thought a phone could help with this! I downloaded like 20 Lang. programs yesterday but I’ve deleted most of them because I’ve found my favorites. I can’t wait to actually dive into it. Also google translate app is awesome!

Ok enough about apps.
I went shopping today, against my will, and ended up buying 4 whole items! Some great stuff for awesome bargain. So I guess it turned out well.

I also saw The Impossible which stirred up so many feels I don’t even know how to handle such emotion. Great movie but immensely heart-wrenching and subtly graphic (if that’s possible). I do have a newfound appreciation for Ewan McGregor and Naomi Watts + the 3 little boys acted phenomenally well.


3 thoughts on “Today, I am all about the apps

  1. Play scramble with friends with me!!!!
    Also- so you did get to see the movie!!! I will find a way!
    ❤ you and football
    But what are the language programs you like?

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