Today, I am changing it up a bit.

I told Jannie that I don’t like writing on the blog because it allows for too much self-reflection which is so not my jam right now. She told me to make it a food blog. I’m gonna do that…but of course I’ll have to put some football on here!

Anyway, as I messaged y’all this morning, I made cranberry scones. Didn’t like the cranberry stuff but the scone was good–I like these “pastries” because they’re not too sweet unlike…almost every other pastry.

BALADA BY GUSTTAVO LIMA JUST CAME ON! Tchê tcherere tchê tchê! Ok, paused it. Dance party to ensue after this post.

Anyway, I realize I don’t like 3 of the greatest things ever (among other stuff):
Chocolate, Avocado, and Crossaints.
I recognize their value but my tolerance for all three (well, I never had a tolerance for Avocado but I could handle the C’s) have diminished greatly. Add that to my lactose/egg intolerance and shellfish allergy, I’m missing out on some good stuff.

My new favorite breakfast sandwich:  hummus, 1 fried egg, fresh spinach, a little mozz. cheese, all nestled between flatbread/naan. Yumm. Clearly, the egg/dairy limitations are not strictly adhered to…

Finally, my football world is kind of crumbling right now. Am I being dramatic? Maybe…but as many a fan knows, this sport is more than that. It’s a way of life. Now that’s a bit dramatic… Anyway, Real Madrid’s injuries are a huge concern to me, especially with my favorite player (the goalie) being out for nearly 3 months with a broken thumb bone thing (what is a goalie without his hands, I keep asking!) and they have some HUGE games coming up. Chelsea and their little Belgian firecracker in the midst of controversy and, couple that with their inconsistent game play, I hardly know if we’ll finish this season with any trophies. I don’t even know if we can hang on to our 3rd place spot right now.
But as my dad keeps reminding me (though he cheers against every team I cheer for and vice versa) there is still time left and anything can happen. And as Iker and Hazard have shown us, this is all too true.

Ok, that’s more information than y’all cared for so…bye bye!

Tchê tcherere tchê tchê! Tchê tcherere tchê tchê! Tchê tcherere tchê tchê!


One thought on “Today, I am changing it up a bit.

  1. at LEAST you recognize the inherent greatness of those 3 food items, even if you cannot tolerate them! there is still hope for you, as well as for your beloved teams.

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