Before she gets away…

January almost snuck by me!

Some recent events:

– We baked some pogacha, bite-sized biscuits with a hint of cheese. Jarkie puts the rest of us to shame with her culinary skills, and pictures demonstrating said skills; These pale in comparison on both fronts, but they were tasty! Actually, While waiting for these to bake, Jarkie and I had a synchronized video viewing of the Downton Abbey Christmas Episode.  Let us speak no more of that travesty.


Still doughy from the oven

– Also on the television front, I’m almost caught up on shows missed during the semester AND I discovered hilarity of The Mindy Project!


This is how I feel around kids.

Yesterday, Rina and I got to meet some of Bianca’s family at a quirkily hip “bistro pub” called Spiler on Kiraly utca. I tried the BBQ ribs, which were as tender and yummy as Bianca promised. Some of us are going back tonight!


Photo from the link above. We were sitting at that table right of center.

– Our 2nd semester schedules came out, and the abundance of 8am classes and running around they will require seem a hellacious prospect.  One week left of winter break! Goodbye, month of fun; Szia, leisure time! I didn’t always know what to do with you, but I never took you for granted.


10 thoughts on “Before she gets away…

  1. MINDY PROJECT! I love it!
    It’s ok, I won’t be mad at you if you pat my kids in the face to console them. As long as you have a Danny to build you stuff 🙂
    I hope you enjoyed that white russian!

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