Today, I am woken up by the sky falling down…

But really what I thought was an alien invasion (well my mind fabricated that story while I was sleeping) turned out to be loud snow plows.

SNOW! See picture below!

I debated taking public transportation to get to work, but meh! I ended up driving to work afterall. As I was driving, I realized I was not so excited about snow. As a four year old in Stockholm, I used to LOVE the sight of snow. It mean that I could whip out my red sled (wish I had a picture of this), red snowsuit, red hat, red gloves, and purple (ya need something to jump out right?! :D) boots! Yep, fashionable me. What was more fun than having your grandma pull you down or up a hill and getting capsized by your plastic sled? Nothing except probably coming back in for piping hot chocolate or tasty french toast. YUM. But look at me now. I faced my car which like Shan Yu from Mulan was buried under an avalanche (okay, exaggerating about my car a little perhaps?). Put on those gloves, warmed up the car, and shoved all the snow apart. And then had to get to work to my windowless cubicle. No red suit today. No red gloves. No purple boots. But at least I have my cup of Cranberry Blood Orange (The Republic of Tea – to warm me up.  🙂 I’ll be looking to those tacos and taco soup tonight 🙂


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