Today, I am thinking of food…

or really when do I not? I accidentally subscribed to two additional magazines. It was an honest mistake, I promise! They have all these promotions everywhere. So I guess I’ll be all up in fashion, women’s health, beauty, love, etc…. ELLE, Glamour, Cosmo, Marie Claire. Wow. Oh well, all together… the 2 2-years and 2 1-year subscriptions cost me about a one time trip to Chipotle. So no big deal 🙂

Anyways, I’m thinking about food, past and future… so here it goes:

photo 2

Chives, Tofu and Pork stir fry-esque dish. Sichuan cuisine but really any cuisine.  I love Sichuan cuisine. It’s the closest I can get to Yunnan cuisine in the US. I used flowering chives, but you can choose the unflowered ones. Usually you want some sort of cooking rice wine + starch with your pork… but I just marinaded my pork in soy sauce and sugar and some spicy sauce. I know, not really descriptive here, but I haven’t really been one for written recipes anyways. Doesn’t work well and limits your creative abilities. 🙂 But at some point, when I get time, I’ll include my own recipes. I suppose. And Spiced Small Dry Tofu purchased at a local asian grocery store is good. Ta-da! Your meal is ready! Enjoy with some fluffy jasmine rice!

photo 1

The other day, I decided to experiment with bibimbap, with left over veggies and beef I had in my fridge. The sauce was made from red pepper paste (gochujang) + sesame oil + water + sugar (or you can use honey).

photo (5)

Last night, I made my favorite beef noodle soup 🙂 So good. At some bok choy and green onions (or scallions) + ginger + garlic + spicy sauce … such a nice dish to have on a cold wintery evening.

What to look forward to next time:
and a secret new adventure in DC!


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