Today, I have adopted a new team…

I will begin by saying that I am not a fan of American football. I mean, I’ll watch it if I have to … but bleh. I could live without it. Kentucky doesn’t have a pro-football team, so I guess I never felt any sort of attachment to a team. However, I’ve decided to adopt a team: Baltimore Ravens. I hope to go to school in that city in about 1.5 years. My room is of a purple theme, from the bedskirt to the pillow throws to the comforter to my ❤ momiji mug. Apparently my fan-ship was decided by fate. (?) At this particular time [8:44 PM EST], Baltimore Ravens are up by 1!!!

Of course, this new interest was first kindled by a person close to me, who I got to see this weekend! Sometimes, it’s nice just to be physically in the company of someone who is on the same wavelength as you.. and now I’m suffering from that withdrawal but no worries! All my friends are a phone call dial or skype video call button (minus technical difficulties) away! But seeing this friend of mine was wonderful… of course now I think that a ghost will come out of my wall at any time and kill me (I’m getting goosebumps now…). Mama (movie)… But the weekend was fun: Korean BBQ once again, Settlers of Catan with good friends from college, Scary movie (don’t know about this one, see my wall ghost comment), Flipping through world records book @ B&N, Sala Thai (with coconut custard cake & thai iced tea as a gift!), Cooking, Finally hanging artwork (very modern, so modern that it was born in a dumpster) in my living room and room… twas a good week spent in pleasant company.

It has been a while since my last post, sorry! So here we go:

Work! Working with people who are on the same wavelength as you= GOOD … they help you get through frustrating times, boring times, crazy times! And their mothers send you treats (honey sticks) that you haven’t had since your 8th grade field trip! But oh how I remember opening these honey sticks, a little bit, a little twist and a burst of flavorful sweetness floods your taste buds. Mmmmm.

FoodI have realized that I love food. Without food, … well let’s not even go there. Too scary. Here are photos to show some of my love. Of course, I love eating the food also. So apologies for the photos … instead of the theme: “look at what I made!”… My theme comes out to be: “Look at what I made that was so good that all of it went into my tummy!” The past two projects: Korean theme and Spanish theme. Take a look for yourself! Secret ingredients?

Korean theme: Red Pepper Paste, Rice Cakes, assortment of pretty vegetables 

Spanish theme: Sazon. Sofrito. Knowing how much water to put in. Tomato paste, gandules, onions, spanish olives

Brunch theme: eggs, ham, kraft singles (processed cheese = best cheese for eggs), bacon, hashbrowns made in bacon oil

Birchbox! It’s the time of the month! 🙂 I shall review later 🙂


One thought on “Today, I have adopted a new team…

  1. glad to catch up on your life!!
    so this “friend”, huh? glad you had such fun! i missed your modern art and the hanging. he does have an eye for decoration.
    never seen or tried honey sticks before but they look like something wonderful. and that brunch and Ddukbokki?! NOM.
    good story about the beef, too. 😛

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