Vacationing, Vegetating.

Sometime between being keenly aware of my mom’s departure and anticipating the end of exams (both of which have since transpired), I entered a sort of post-holiday blues. I thought that the almost-month of sort-of freedom from schoolwork would be a glorious stretch of vacation, but it’s only now that I’m really starting to embrace it. At first, I felt guilty and unproductive, with too much time to ruminate on the fact that this here is my life, and it’s a marathon, if we’re lucky enough.

But I’m more even-keeled now, reveling in books (read THIS!) and music and TV shows I neglected during the past few months. Achieving balance means that I’m also trying to get mentally (academically, systematically, theoretically, practically) prepared for the next stretch.

Sometimes sprinting, sometimes crawling, but still moving forward. Here we are 🙂


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